Ahava Training Program
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Ahava (Hebrew word for Love) is a revolutionary healing modality where guides take their clients through a 12 step process of healing early pain points. The method has a 95% success rate! Most clients not only heal, but develop the purpose of what they are here to create. Books, films, companies and much more have all been created through the path of Ahava while they heal.

Developed by Founder Janice Taylor, 3X tech founder, former Oprah Winfrey Top 150, author and advocate. Ahava was developed over a 25 years to establish a clear, concise path for every person to heal and bring their dream alive. This modality changes lives and will for the FIRST time now offered in a course for other healers to use this innovative modality.

All your clients will say after the first Ahava session is: WOW, I am blown away.

Only 40 people will be chosen for this first 3 month cohort.